Tuesday, November 24, 2009


EBay users faced a big problem all day long last Saturday. The auction site's "search" function wasn't working, so shoppers looking for particular items either faced a blank page or a message that said they should "try again" later. EBay had fixed the problem by Sunday and is planning to compensate sellers.


Anonymous said...

I think that eBay's bottom line has been slipping and they have reduced staff to maintain their site--just my theory. They are making mistakes that are irritating their members. Last week I received the following message: "

eBay Sellers:

A few of you may recently have received a note from eBay in your My Messages inbox with the subject line: "50% OFF Auction-style Insertion Fees--Nov 23-25." Unfortunately, this message was sent in error: There was a promotion planned for this coming week that was cancelled. There are currently no plans for a 50% off Insertion Fee Promotion on the dates mentioned in the prior email. Please note that any listings created during these dates will be subject to normal Insertion Fees. We apologize for any confusion that this may have caused.

I'm sorry, apologies just aren't good enough. They should have stood by the offer they originally posted and eaten the loss in fees. It was THEIR MISTAKE!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the statement e-bay bottom line is slipping. THey should have gone thru with the 50percent off deal and then gave us sellers a break from a full saturday (which is e-bays busiest day) of not being able to huse the search option. I am also mad that they took off the option to buy addtional insurance. I am facing a lost of 75.00 because oif this with a lost package now.

Anonymous said...

I too think they should have stood by the original email discount, even if it was sent in error. AND I did notice the search glitch on Saturday! I was searching for some things I wished to buy and also for things similar to what I wanted to list. It was a real hassle. I wonder what their "compensation" will be? They should have a day of fee-less listings and a week of half-price listings(for starters!).

redarmadillo said...

I agree, ebay is really slipping. I wish we had a really good competitor like Bill Gates or someone in that catagory to step up and shoot ebay right out of the water. Their fees are getting worse for the small seller. They do not care. Bottom line "money to them"