Wednesday, November 11, 2009


A national magazine has asked us to find some examples of haunted furniture--perhaps a clock that chimes at unexpected times or a sofa that creaks? Tell us your story, what's happening, and why you think your piece of furniture is haunted. Also include a description and history of the piece. Send all the information, along with your name, state, email address and phone number to Terry at We will send everything on to the national women's lifestyle magazine. Your story may be included in an article.


Anonymous said...

do you still have the feature where people are trying to find the rightful owners of family bibles and picture albums?

Anonymous said...

Could you publish some of the stories?? I'm sure I'm not the only one interested in reading them.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous:
Here is one of the haunted furniture stories submitted for consideration. You won't want to read it alone, or late at night. Go to:

or if you'd rather have it read to you with an Australian accent - go to the Dibbuk Box podcast Episode 209: