Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Beer BottleA bottle of Lowenbrau beer that survived the fire and wreck of the Hindenburg zeppelin in May 1937 auctioned in England on November 14 for $16,000. It may be the most expensive beer bottle ever auctioned. The previous beer bottle record we're aware of is for a limited edition Carlsberg lager bottle. The Lowenbrau bottle, still full, has a scorched label with the brand's logo. The bottle was found by the local fire chief after the crash in Lakehurst, New Jersey. He buried six bottles and a pitcher at the site and came back later to recover his "treasure." He gave all but one of the bottles to friends. One bottle was donated to the Lowenbrau brewery collection in 1977. The others are missing.


Anonymous said...

I have an unopened pinch-bottle of scotch in its original box,light wire around bottle, which is around 120 years old. Iam interested in selling it.

Anonymous said...

This bottle has value because of the historic event it survived, not because of the rarity of the bottle itself.