Wednesday, September 2, 2009


 Zimbabwe bill
When inflation is rampant, one good investment strategy is to buy antiques and good collectibles. We don't know if people in Zimbabwe are doing that, but they sure have had to deal with inflation. If you want to be a trillionaire, you can get a $50 trillion and even a $100 trillion Zimbabwe bill, legal tender--$50 trillion Zimbabwe dollars equals about $140 U.S.


fred said...

Opp's That's not quit right
Zimbabwe Dollar (ZWD)$100,000,000,000,000 =
US $2,754,062,241,806.666 at todays rate Sept 2, 2009
ZWD $1.00 = US $ 0.0028

John said...

I think the 100 Trilion ZWD is now a lot less than your $US 280 value.

It is difficult to keep up with the value because the Zimbabwe Govt revalued the currency by choppping off 12 zeros and exchange rates are constantly changing. You can buy ten of the 100 trillion dollar notes for ten US dollars on ebay and in January the 100 trillion bill was worth about 30 cents US at the then current exchange rate.

dave chance said...

I have tried to buy 1 million ZD and 10 million ZD notes but none of the foreign exchange companies listed with Goggle, wont even answer my you know where i can buy them...for fun really...Dave

peperkorrel said...

You can often buy these notes on the South African bidding site. I've bought the whole set of trillion notes there myself.

Anonymous said...

A surprisingly racist comment by a website that should know better.