Tuesday, September 29, 2009


cast iron sailor doorstop Q: I bought this cast-iron sailor doorstop recently and have been trying to find out something about him. He is 13 3/4 inches tall. Can you tell me the maker or when it was made?

A: Different versions of sailor doorstops have been made, and some sell for over $300, but we've seen doorstops like yours sell for under $50. Most cast-iron doorstops sold today were made from about 1890 to 1930. Your doorstop is unmarked, so it's impossible to know the maker. Does anyone know more about this doorstop?


Anonymous said...

From the uniform hat this is a French sailor. COuld the doorstop have been made in France?

Anonymous said...

I bought my sailor at marshal's for$10.00 and he is over a foot tall.

Anonymous said...

During the Depression, some iron foundries made lawn ornaments and doorstops to keep their employees working. I doubt this was one of them, but it's something to consider.