Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Coca-Cola's advertising agencyQ: My great-grandmother received a dessert set for 10 as a wedding present in 1896. We have 40 pieces, including a teapot, sugar and creamer, plates, and cups and saucers. It was manufactured by W.T. Copeland & Sons for J.M. Shaw & Co. New York. It says "A Memorial of the Centennial" and pictures George Washington. Are these worth anything?

A: W.T. Copeland & Sons was founded in 1847 in Stoke, Staffordshire, England. It became W.T. Copeland & Sons Ltd. in 1932. J.M. Shaw & Co. was an importer that sold Copeland's china in the 1870s. Your dessert set was made to commemorate the centennial of the United States in 1876. The set would be worth about $1,500 to $1,800 today because of the patriotic and commemorative decorations.

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