Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Will the price of Wedgwood go down if the factory closes? Some collectors say that because there are so many who buy vintage and antique pieces, prices will hold. The pieces made after World War II may go up for a while because the supply of Wedgwood will be smaller. But we have noticed in similar cases that after about 25 years, prices go down because there are no new retail ads to attract young buyers.


ch said...

Another reason for the demand for vintage/antique things to diminish is that younger people do not remember and cherish these pieces that are full of memories for some of us.

geoff klass said...

The price of Wedgwood should be proportional to quality, as is the case with all vintage collectable ceramics. The absence of new items should not be a concern: most of them are traps to prise money out of collectors' pockets and dont add to the desirability or otherwise of the main product. I have dealt in ceramics for more than 35 years, and believe that if its good, more and more new collectors come into the market, creating upward pressure on prices. Wedgwood is no exception.

Barbara said...

I have a collection of Wedgwood tiles and wonder where I should go to obtain the best price. Is Wedgwood discontinuing their products? Thanks for your comments