Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Erik Dernung, Made in Denmark
Q: I bought a silver ring set with an agate from an antiques shop. The shop owner said it is marked "Erik Dernung, Made in Denmark." Can you tell me who made this ring?

A: Your antiques shop dealer misread the name. We searched for silver makers and found one with the name Dennung and a mark like yours. The maker is Erik Dennung, a Danish silver maker who lived from 1925 to 2007. He had a shop, Dennung Salvsmedie ApS, in Copenhagen in the 1960s and '70s, perhaps longer. The B+D mark indicates he made the ring for Buch & Deichmann. That company started in the early 1970s. They made plastic bracelets and pins, as well as other costume jewelry. Buch & Deichmann is still in business and now makes stylish sunglasses. The ring sells for around $100. Can anyone tell us more?


rukl said...

I bought a cuff bracelet in a department store in Copenhagen for $10.00 in 1976. It has the name Erik Dunnung made in Denmark marked on it. The salesperson told me it was pewter. It is of modernist design .


Anonymous said...

I live nearby Dennung`s shop.
Still in the same place (Frederiksberg)! The owner now
is Erik Dennung`s son = Steen Dennung.