Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Willets Belleek
Q: I have a vase with this mark on it that has been in the family for years. Can you tell me who made it?

A: This mark was one of several used by Willets Manufacturing Co. of Trenton, New Jersey. The company was in business from 1879 until at least 1909. Willets began making Belleek in 1887. Its successor, New Jersey China Pottery Co., made Belleek marked with the Willets name until c.1914. Willets also made white ware that was decorated by others. A 12-inch vase with hand-painted decoration like yours is worth $350 to $500.

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carol said...

i have a painting done by herman hartwich i got at a garage sale the frame is gold real old onthe back it says from the original painting by herman hartwich do you have any information on this