Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Fenton Art Glass Co. announced in August 2007 that it would close that December. By the time December rolled around, sales had improved. So the company offered a line of 2008 glass. Fenton Art Glass continues to make more pieces while streamlining its operation. Fewer items, fewer colors, no catalog, and fewer dealers were part of the cost-saving moves. They expect to continue making new products in 2009 and hope to diversify into non-gift glass.


Anonymous said...

It's great that a company is trying it's best to stay afloat in these crazy economic times but if this means "diversifing" out of beautiful art glass pieces into non-gift glass (drinking glasses?)-what a shame that all that potential beauty is going to be lost forever.

Anonymous said...

Last year one of the employees of the retail shop at the factory told me that the company's production philosophy had changed. It used to be that when they got an order for 1000 pieces they made 5000 and hoped they could sell the excess. Now they make the quantity ordered. They aren't in production 5 days a week but they keep the doors open.
The shop has a lower inventory than in past years but with more high ticket items.

Anonymous said...

This is an example of smart executives making adjustments in their operations to stay in business. Isn't it too bad that other business (banks, auto manufacturers, and other companies) can't see the writing on the wall before it's too late.

Thank you Fenton for American ingenuity!