Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Mermod and JaccardQ: I'd like to know what this silver-plated thing is. It is marked Mermod and Jaccard, St. Louis, on the bottom of one foot.

A: You have a double spoon holder. This was one of many unique silver serving pieces used in Victorian times when elaborate table settings indicated wealth and social status. Mermod and Jaccard was formed by the merger of E. Jaccard and A.S. Mermod in 1845. Most of the silver the company sold was made by other manufacturers. Goodman King joined the company in 1865 and the name was changed to Mermod, Jaccard & King Jewelry Co. in 1905. Your spoon holder was probably made in the 1880s or 1890s. It was put on the table filled with teaspoons for the next course.


Anonymous said...

When someone writes in about their item and you put it in your news letter, why not ALWAYS put the value of the item????? We are all interested in what an item is worth. You give the history, etc. but fail to give even a ballpark on the value - would make the items more interesting! Thanks!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ditto with anonymous. Some of us may have the same or similar item. And it would save you from more questions because I'm sure you get many more than you can manage.
You do a great job! Thanks