Tuesday, October 28, 2008


c.1800 vampire-killing kit

Vampires Beware

Watch out, Dracula--a collector paid $14,850 for a c.1800 vampire-killing kit at a Mississippi auction earlier this month. The kit is complete with stakes, mirrors, a gun with silver bullets, crosses, a Bible, holy water and, of course, garlic, all neatly arranged in an American walnut case. It sold at a Stevens Auction Company sale.


DanThoms said...

That may be the coolest thing that I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Cool it is....but why isn't the garlic disintegrated by now???? LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness i too have never seen anything like this where did someone find it originally

Nina said...

I wonder if it was taken seriously at the time it was created, or if it was a prop of some sort? Or maybe it belonged to a "Vampire Slayer" who would go around and "rid" villages of "vampires" - for a fee, of course. I guess we'll never know.