Tuesday, October 21, 2008


We hope you read the blogs from each week's ezine--like this one, an anonymous comment on last week's story about a rock crystal pitcher that sold for $5.58 million. We had wondered if it had been packed away in a little box. Here's what "Anonymous" wrote:

"I like the idea of its being packed away in a little box for 1,000 years. Now if they could find the little box, just THINK WHAT IT WOULD BE WORTH. We all know about items with original boxes!"

That cheerful comment should help soften the gloom found in the 21 comments on eBay's new policies. You can look up any of our back ezines and related blogs. Go to Kovels.com, select "Free Resources" from the top bar, select "Weekly Ezine," then select a date. The blog comments make great reading.

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Anonymous said...

Love your emails!
I enjoyed reading the ebay comments and agree that it is not favorable to sellers, but there is a misnomer regarding PayPal only.
I spoke with an ebay rep, he called me, and asked him about this. Sellers can still accept any form of payment that they want, but cannot advertise it. I am still, and will always accept the customers preferred method of payment. Just say Paypal preferred which leaves it wide open.