Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Titanic memorabilia continues to entice collectors. You'd think only a limited amount of collectibles survived the sinking of the ocean liner on April 14, 1912. In June a second-class passenger list from the White Star Line with a handwritten note, "Titanic, First Sailing," auctioned for $33,900 at a Philip Weiss auction in New York.

On October 18, there was another Titanic memorabilia auction in England of the belongings of Millvina Dean, a survivor of the sinking when she was 9 weeks old. She was put in a sack, lowered into a lifeboat and with her mother and brother was saved by the steamship Carpathia. Her father died. When the family arrived in New York, they were given a small wicker suitcase filled with donated clothes. Millvina's mother saved the suitcase, some rare prints of the Titanic, and letters she received from the Titanic Relief Fund. Now, at 96, Millvina needs money to pay her nursing home bills. The memorabilia saved her again when it sold for $53,906 (30,000 British pounds).


Anonymous said...

This is interesting about the Titantic memorablibia. I had a thrift store in the 90's in Sanford, Florida. I had an Ash Tray with the name TITANTIC on it. I showed it to a man and he said it was no good. I threw it on the table and when he checked out, he had the ash tray. I wonder if it was Authentic, and he knew it. If it was "no good," I wonder why he bought it. I always think of that when I see something about the Titantic.

Cheryl in WV said...

I saw this wonderful lady on the news. She looks pretty good for 96. I hope that the auction $ is enough to take care of her.
I would have thought that her items would have brought more $.
Best of love and luck to her.

Anonymous said...

from Don H in Fort Wayne, Indiana. we just returned from Branson, Missouri and they have a Titantic exhibit there. as you enter, you are given a passport. you can view over 400 actual artifacts that were brought up. the grand staircase has been done exactly like the one on the Titantic. as you leave, you look for your name on the passport to see if you were part of the crew, or passengers. and also if you survived or perished. I was very impressed.