Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Remembering George Carlin

As collectors we all have "stuff" and fondly remember comedian George Carlin, who died this week. His routine describes most of us. "That's all you need in life, a little place for your stuff. That's all your house is: a place to keep your stuff. If you didn't have so much stuff, you wouldn't need a house. A house is just a pile of stuff with a cover on it. That's what your house is, it's a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff. Sometimes you gotta move, gotta get a bigger house. Why? No room for your stuff anymore. You've gotta move all your stuff, and maybe put some of your stuff in storage. Imagine that there's a whole industry based on keeping an eye on your stuff." How true!


Anonymous said...

George Carlin was a foul mouthed, insulting, nasty man. Simply dying doesn't cancel all the revolting things he had said. I won't miss him.

Kathy Boyce said...

As a big collector of "STUFF", that was one of my all time favorite George Carlin skits. I could really relate to it. He was great, and will be missed.
Kathy Boyce

Anonymous said...

I spent eighteen years selling antiques at what was then Canada's largest antique market, The Harbourfront Antique Market in downtown Toronto. (It closed down in 2004.)

Part of the fun of selling there were the frequent visits by celebrities from far and wide. One of those celebrities happened to be George Carlin, whom I had always admired tremendously for his razor-sharp wit.

Mr. Carlin approached my booth with a fluffy little white dog clutched in his arms and a friendly, open manner. (Not all celebrities were that nice.) He bought two items from me, one of them being a vintage Wonder Woman mug that was an intended gift for his wife. I found that very romantic and enjoyed the few minutes we had to chat.

He was a warm and charming man and the world is a sadder place without him. R.I.P., George.

Anonymous said...

was that first comment really necessary? I feel for you if you feel it's that important to dis a person that has passed! You must be a very lonely person if you have to post something that nasty online. George Carlin was one of the most intelligent persona's of our era!
I personally look around at all that I have collected and get such a giggle out of his "stuff" routine. It is so true!! RIP George!! Love you and miss you tremednously

A.O.Allen said...

OUCH! Talk about insulting, nasty, and revolting things said! No wonder you didn't sign your name.

I remember fondly George Carlin from his college concerts. His razor wit and irreverence were part and parcel of my generation's anti-establishment feelings in the day. We have lost an icon.

A.O. Allen

Jane K. said...

The first time we heard Carlin's "Stuff" routine was while my husband I were returning from a Maine vacation in our car full of treasures. We popped the newly purchased tape in the player and nearly drove off the road because we were laughing so hard.

A year ago we attended one of his local shows [in CT] as he honed his material, the cadence and rhythm of delivery, for--what I think turned out to be--his last HBO special. It was a side-aching privilege.

Part of his appeal was, and always will be, how he skewered those who refused to think beyond their frozen opinions and conventions. Whenever we heard him, he opened our ears and we always looked at something in a new light. We will miss him and his insight and his wit.

Justin Case said...

Well...congratulation Mr./Ms Anonymous, You Won !! outlived your apparent nemesis, AND you even penned 'your own obituary', GOOD JOB!

As for George...he will be greatly missed. The Hippy Dippy Weatherman was always able to clearly see through that 'Massive High in the West' and pinpoint the absurdities, silliness, seriousness and the rights and wrongs of of our lives and society. I can't think of anyone else who can do that in a way that we all so enjoy and understand (excepting the above sad 1st commentator)....I already feel the loss of his wisdom.
Justin Case

just jeanne said...

I archive all my Kovels email newsletters in a folder titled "STUFF." Just thought you all would find the humor in this, as George would! My husband and I dearly loved George's take on life, so often what he said outloud was exactly what we had been thinking. The range of his intelligent observations was incredible, especially his knowledge of the language. One of my favorites ... "you drive on a parkway and you PARK on a driveway!" Oh, how we will miss him.

Anonymous said...

I have a house full of 'STUFF', that is now packed up in anticipation of our moving. We are living with the very bare necessities..Maybe I know I still have my stuff or whatever..But, I don't really miss my treasures like I probably would if they were gone forever.
Barbara Davis

Anonymous said...

I always enjoyed Mr. Carlin's sense of humour. My sense of humour is very similar and I truly enjoyed his perspectve on the human condition. God speed, George

lisa said...

He will be missed...! Some times I feel if I will be missed when I'm gone, but then I thought what am I thinking of course I will be missed. I also would like to commment on your article about all our stuff in our house I do feel that Everything I own is just stuff that Needs to be sold. I think it should be out on display to be enjoyed by all passers, But where do I start I have so much I would Like to sell many collectibles. could someone please lead me in a good direction. My heart is weak and don't know how long before i'm where george is..! Anybody looking for anything in particular?


Anonymous said...

Carlin became very cynical and nasty on getting old (noticably after the death of his wife, he became a lot more venomous), but he was a very funny guy, he brought a lot of joy into the world through his laughter. I will truly miss him.