Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Q: I have an 18-inch General Douglas MacArthur doll that I received for Christmas in 1942 or '43. Heaven knows why my mother thought I would want that doll when all my friends received cute dolls with clothes they could change into. The only thing the general can do is salute. I would love to sell him, so will you please let me know what I might be able to get for him and how I could go about selling him?

A: The Freundlich Novelty Corp. of New York City made your portrait doll and a lot of other World War II military dolls--from U.S. Army soldiers and Navy sailors to WAACs and WAVEs. Your doll's body, including his cap, is made of composition, a mixture of sawdust and glue that can be easily molded. The General Douglas MacArthur doll was made about 1942. If you had his original tie, belt, and cardboard tag, you might be able to get up to $400 for him in an online auction or at a doll auction. Without the tie, belt, and tag, chances are your doll would sell at auction for about $100 to $200. If you decide to sell it to a dealer in your area, you can expect the dealer to pay you about half the doll's retail value.

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