Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Champion Trading CardsQ: When we replaced our old kitchen cupboards, we found an old unopened box of Wheaties. There are several sports cards on the box. Are these cards or the box itself worth anything? How old do you think the box is?

A: Wheaties issued this series of "Champion Trading Cards" in 1952. It pictures famous sports figures from the 1950s. There were 60 cards in the set, which included both portrait and action pictures of 30 different athletes. Ten of those pictured were baseball players, while the rest were from other sports. The cards had to be cut out of the back of the cereal box, making it hard to find cards in perfect condition today. The uncut box is more valuable than the same cards cut out. Cards that are cut out often sell for about $10-$15 unless they were carefully cut and picture a popular athlete. A card picturing Ted Williams can sell for as much as $100 if in perfect condition. Groups of 30 cards, half a set, have auctioned for $100 to $240. Depending on the players whose cards are on your box, the box could sell for $100 or more. (Collectors would be especially interested in your box because the 20 baseball cards in the set were counterfeited in 2002.)

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Jeremy said...

I think the baseball player pictured in the card at the bottom right is Yogi Berra, catcher for the NY Yankees.