Tuesday, October 27, 2009


If you plan to use a modern pottery vase for flowers, first put the vase in the sink, fill it with water to the top, then put it on a dry countertop. An hour later, see if the sink top is wet. Pottery often leaks either through a tiny hole or just because the clay was not fired at a high-enough temperature. A leaking vase can leave a white mark or worse on a wooden tabletop.


Anonymous said...

Even if it doesn't leak, ceramics are porous and over time can still leave a mark. You should always still use either a glass or plastic saucer under your vase. Save various size plastic lids for just such a purpose. If sized right, you may not even see it!

Anonymous said...

My answer to porous ceramic vases is to find a glass liner that fits and set it inside - old narrow highball glasses are great for smaller vases, and it doesn't matter if it is chipped on the rim - choose one that is lower than the height of the vase.