Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Meissen porcelain
Q: I have a Meissen vase with this crossed swords mark with a dot between the swords. Isn't this the mark used by Marcolini?

A: Porcelain has been made in Meissen, a town in Germany, since 1710. Any china made in the town can be called Meissen, but the Royal Porcelain Manufactory is the most famous pottery that operated there. The factory used several variations of the crossed swords mark, and the mark has been copied by many other companies in Germany and other parts of the world. From 1732 to 1773, Meissen used a mark with a dot between the handles of the swords. From 1774 to 1814, when Count Camillo Marcolini was director of the company, Meissen porcelain was marked with a star or asterisk between the handles of the crossed swords. The mark like yours, with a dot between the blades of the swords, was used from 1924 to 1934.

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