Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Lots of amazing prices and stories keep popping up in the collecting world. Here are a few.

Ever wonder what happens when a bidder changes his or her mind? A Heil's Extra Bottled Beer tray picturing a very chubby girl, made by J. Meek of Coshocton, Ohio, sold at auction for $4,050. When the buyer did not pay, it was relisted and sold for $2,025. (The Breweriana Collector magazine)

Fidelitas Clown Train

A 1909 toy clown caravan by Marklin sold at auction for $103,500. The painted tin caravan, 37 1/2 inches long, was made up of four attached carts, each with a sitting clown. (Bertoia Auctions, Vineland, N.J.)

Globes, microscopes and medicine chests are selling well at auction. European auctioneers say the economy has brought rarities to the auction block and that today's collectors, often retired doctors, scientists and engineers, buy for love, not for future profit. Coming up for auction this month: a microscope by Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, the father of microscopy, expected to bring close to $150,000 at Christie's in London; and an important table globe made in 1728 by Johann Gabriel Dopplemayr estimated at $30,000 to $45,000 (although it sold in 2002 for $84,000).

Vaseline Carnival Glass
A very rare vaseline carnival glass Heart and Flowers plate made by Northwood sold for $25,000 (Jim Wroda Auction Services, Greenville, Ohio). The seller bought it for $30 awhile ago. It's probably the only carnival glass plate Northwood made in vaseline glass, and only four examples are known.

Looks like great antiques and collectibles can be good buys today.


Anonymous said...

I've just received an offer to purchase an original Lucky Strikes tin cigarette container (pre WW2, circa approx. 1939) which my Dad gave to me when he died.I'm tying to find out if the amount offered is in the ball park for that sort of item. Can anyone help? Thanks.

Clayton Savage said...

The April 8th column said the Northwood carnival glass item was probably the only one in vaseline, then, you said there are four known? I know I am confused. Please help.

Terry Kovel said...

It is the only known pattern and only 4 of the plates are known.