Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Chairs made by Jacob Kohn (1791-1868) and his son, Josef (1814-1884)

Q: We found six old chairs in a 100-year-old farmhouse that we are restoring. This label is on the bottom of the seat of the chairs. How old are they and what are they worth?

A: Your chairs were made by Jacob Kohn (1791-1868) and his son, Josef (1814-1884), of Vienna, Austria. They may have started out in the lumber industry in 1850 but were making furniture by 1867. Their chairs were similar to the bentwood chairs Thonet made. In 1914 the company merged with Mundus, a holding company in Vienna, and became Kohn-Mundus. Kohn-Mundus merged with Thonet in 1922. The motto in the mark, "Semper Sursum," means "Always Rising." Your chairs were made in the early 1900s, before 1914. Value: about $100 each.


Anonymous said...

I also have a set of 4 bent wood chairs that a a pattern pressed on the seat. There is a label that has a mSf on one end and then EMEFES and mSf on the other end. It also says made in Czecho-Slovak. They belonged to my great grandfather. Sandy Smith, Penn Yan, NY

rebecca said...

I have three blonde wood chairs each underside labels read Kohn & Mundus. The chairs have several slots painted blue inside the deco style backs. The are too low to be bar chairs and too tall for ice cream chairs help. The cushion is covered in very old black leather.My mother purchased them in the 1960s and they are untouched, same as when they were made. Never seen chairs like them anywhere. Can you help me with value and era?

rebecca said...

I own a set of 3 deco-style blonde wood chairs. They have a foot shelf of slats under the seat.The height is too small for bar-stools and too tall for ice-cream chairs. The seats are covered in black leather and appear to be original as well as the blue slats on the back rest. If you place a small child on it they can be easily pushed up to any table with ease. What were they made for? When were they made and where? Also are they valuable? They have original labels stating Kohn & Mundus.