Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Dresden and CrownDresden and Crown

Q: My husband's grandparents owned these porcelain ewers and gave them to him about 40 years ago. The ewers are 22 1/4 inches tall and are marked with a crown and the word "Dresden." Can you tell me who made them and how old they are?

A: Over 40 porcelain decorating studios operated in Dresden in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The Meissen Royal Manufactory made most of the porcelain. The crown Dresden mark was registered by four different companies in 1883: Donath & Co. (1872-1916), Adolf Hamann (1866-c.1949), Richard Klemm (1869-1916), and Oswald Lorenz (c.1880-). There were only slight variations in the marks. This mark looks like one used by Adolph Hamann c.1905-c.1949 or by Richard Klemm c.1893-1916. Your ewers appear from the picture to be partially decorated with decals. They were probably made in the twentieth century.

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