Wednesday, November 5, 2008


World War I doughboy Ideal Liberty Boy Doll

Q: I have a soldier doll from World War I. It is 12 inches tall and marked "Ideal" in a diamond. Can you give me any information about my doll?

A: Your doll is dressed as a World War I doughboy and is called "Liberty Boy." It was designed in 1917 by Morris Michtom, one of the founders of the Ideal Novelty Co. of Brooklyn, N.Y. It has a jointed composition body and socket head. Its khaki Army uniform is molded and painted and it was sold with the brown felt hat decorated with a gold cord. Liberty Boy was used in the sale of war bonds during the war and was very popular because boy dolls were unusual. Since you have his hat, your doll is worth $150 to $250.

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Anonymous said...

is the doll worth more if it has the original hat band?