Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Keep your broken dishes, vases, and other decorative china to use to make mosaic stepping stones or tabletops for the garden. Chipped vases can still be used for flowers or, turned upside down, for toad homes.

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J. Titche said...

Thanks for getting the word out on broken dishes and their second life. I am an artist the works with mosaics and have thrilled many customers with keepsake pieces filled with wonderful memories from the past - all from broken and chipped china and glass. I work "in the round" and do vases, umbrella stands, figurines etc., not just flat surfaces. I once made a stunning vase from a broken wavy carnival glass bowl that a woman had hid in her attic for years because she was afraid to let her husband know that his mothers bowl had been broken! It was a wonderful way to "fix" the memories.