Wednesday, July 29, 2009


From Beth Hylen, a reader who is a reference librarian at the Rakow Research Library at the Corning Musum of glass, Corning, N.Y.:

Your Kovels Komments readers may be interested in these resources about cleaning glass:

Koob, Stephen P. Conservation and Care of Glass Objects. London : Archetype Publications in association with the Corning Museum of Glass, 2006. 158 p. (Chapter on Cleaning Glass pp. 39-46.)

This book is a wonderful resource for learning how to safely clean glass.  Stephen Koob is the conservator at The Corning Museum of Glass. If it is not available in your library, ask your local librarian to borrow a copy through Interlibrary Loan. Also, it is available for sale from the Corning Museum:

The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) has information about caring for glass and other types of antiques:

"Caring for Ceramics and Glass Objects," available at:  Resource Center / Caring for Your Treasures

These articles cover the hazards of dishwashers (to glass):

Wang, Chun; George Krausch; and Marcus Decker. "Three Different Reasons for Surface Damages of Glasses after Machine Dishwashing." Glass Science and Technology, v. 78, No. 5, September/October 2005, pp. 195-202. 

Glassware Crystal Clear or Dull and Cloudy? [Clemson Extension] Water Quality [WQL] 7, September 1990.  Clemson, S.C.: The Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service, 1990. 2 pages. 

And here's a note from Stephen Koob himself about our tips on glass-cleaning: Not too bad, except for the test-scratching with a pin!  And they did not mention that after acid cleaning, even with vinegar, one should thoroughly rinse the glass, preferably in pure (deionized or distilled) water.

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Joyce said...

All very interesting BUT -- with most Crystal decanters you can not get near the stains. A Waterford that I have I cant even get a bottle brush in it. How would I remove the stains from that?? JC