Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Luke Skywalker's light saber auctioned for $240,000 at a Profiles in History auction in Los Angeles on Dec. 12. It's the prop Mark Hamill used in the first two "Star Wars" movies. We can't all own the original, but toy versions can be found online and at toy stores for $30--or $360 for "authentic replicas."


Anonymous said...

Interesting, Collectibles seem to be doing better than my Stocks. And my Flea Market (Moncton Flea Market) is busier than last year. Perhaps there will be more time and money for our Antiques.

the collector said...

That's great news! As an avid collector - there for seller, I am glad to know that the "TRUE" recycling business of swapmeets and flea markets are still in business. With our disposable society and products, it's nice to have something that has lasted, is tasteful, is useful and is not in a land fills junking up things. Remember the good o'l saying, "one man's trash is another man's treasure. Happy hunting!