Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Decorate your Christmas tree with collectibles. Salt and pepper sets, miniatures of any kind, postcards, silver spoons, dollhouse furniture, metal "teabags," and of course old Christmas ornaments and lights. Most things can be tied on with fishing line. But be careful about safety--no lit candles, no frayed light cords, no cords under a carpet or rug.


Anonymous said...

Also, be careful about weight, activity around the tree and 'value'. It would be awful to have an expensive piece of porcelain broken because it falls from the tree.

Anonymous said...

I have found a really cute imitation candelight gadget for the vintage looking tree. Found these at a "Crafty Peddler" store, little antique finish metal clip-on cups, that hold a LED tea light. They last about 100 hours and flicker like a real flame. They look great on the tree, a wreath, the mantel decor, endless uses this time of year. (the little battery can be replaced, the cups ran 1.99 each and the lights in a four pack were 7.99). They look SO good !!!

Anonymous said...

Holidays are made special by preserving family customs and
traditions. We have an earring tree
that is now being decorated by the fourth generation since the 2 foot
artifical tree was originally purchased in the 1920's. All year
long, when someone in the family loses an earring, the one that is left waits for the Christmas tree.
By now there must be 200 different
single earring. They make a striking, unique contribution to our family's Christmas.

GeeB said...

I absolutely love the earring tree story!

One year I actually had two cookie jars perched in our Christmas tree.
The McCoy Happy Face was one of them, the tree was decorated retro fifties/sixties.

Anonymous said...

Another good idea for a Christmas tree is demitasse cups. They can even be used if they are glued back together. I did a tree like this at my antique shop and everyone loved it.