Tuesday, September 30, 2008


'Sylvan' pattern by Trent Pottery in Eastwood, Staffordshire, England.

Q: This wash bowl and pitcher set has been in our family for over 100 years. For the past 50 years, I have been wondering where the set was made and what it's worth. The printed mark is on the bottom of both the bowl and pitcher. What can you tell us?

A: Your wash bowl and pitcher were made at the Trent Pottery in Eastwood, Staffordshire, England. John Heath Davis (the J.H. Davis in the mark) operated the pottery from 1881 to 1891. "Sylvan" is the name of the Davis pattern used on your set. It's blue with gold highlights and pink outlining. Not all pieces in the pattern were done with highlighting and outlining. There should also be an English registry mark on the bottom of your bowl and pitcher. If the pieces were made before 1884, the mark is diamond-shaped. If they were made between 1884 and 1891, the mark is a number following the abbreviation "Rd. No." Either mark indicates the year Davis registered the dishes' designs, but not necessarily the year the dishes were made. Bowl and pitcher sets the age of yours sell for $250 to $600.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, this is nothing to do with the pitcher - I noticed on the photo advertising the book about depression glass that there is a uniquely shaped dish to the right. I have a number of these and never thought much of it. Are these dishes collectibles or is it in the photo because it looks nice?